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Use clear & actual photos of your product/products. You can use multiple images from different view so buyer will get more clear idea about your item/items.

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Provide clear and detailed description of your product. Make sure you’ve added right information about your items.

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People Say About Us

Jane Magbanua


This is a great platform for sellers and alike to promote products and get more sales!

Romeo Dela Cruz


Taytay Tiangge Marketplace is exactly what we need to specifically find Taytay Tiangge products which is known for its quality and price.

Chris Espiritu

Taytay Tiangge Stall Owner

Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions and safety, our business needs to strive more to get and maintain sales. Taytay Tiangge Marketplace is a way for physical tiangge stall owners to sell our products without extra charges like Shopee and Lazada and we can directly contact our customers thru TaytayTiangge.ph

Eric Tolentino


Though I am not from Taytay Rizal, I have a good friend with RTW business in Taytay Rizal who is also my supplier of RTW. I am thankful to Taytay Tiangge Marketplace as anyone can sell RTW products even not from Taytay Rizal!